Tree Removal.

Expert Quality Tree Inspection Is Critical.

Sometimes a tree can become hazardous due to age, decay or damage. If you’re unsure of the condition of your trees we can come out to assess them and give you an informed opinion. Saving your trees is always our goal but safety is our first priority.

Our Detailed Removal Process.

We employ a minimal-impact tree removal technique process to keep your property in great condition. Some trees can be brought down using a traditional cut from the base, others require a more precise removal via climbing. Removals in tight spaces are often handled with ease using one of our bucket trucks. We’ll bring the pieces down with careful and consistent control thereby minimizing lawn damage and ensuring there is no impact on any important structures.

  • Bucket Truck Removals

  • Climbing & Rigging

  • Processing Trunks

  • Wood Chipping

  • Haul Away

*Ask About Firewood and Wood Chips.

Tree Pruning.

Pruning To Improve Tree Health & Safety.

Pruning To Improve Tree Health & Safety.

Pruning is done to make a tree safer to walk under and live around by removing large dead limbs or areas that appear to be prone to failure.

Structural pruning can be used to help young trees create proper growth to ensure they will become healthy mature trees. Pruning can also be done to raise the canopy or cut back limbs that are encroaching your yard.

When you prune a legacy tree, you give it greater airflow against high storm winds, as well as allow for a little more light to travel into your yard for those hard to grow grass areas.

Fruit bearing and flowering trees are especially well served by seasonal pruning and regular maintenance. We offer a scheduled annual plan for these types of tree pruning feats and will help you understand the way to get the greatest yield.

  • Dead Wood Cuts

  • Fruit Tree Maintenance

  • Storm Damage

  • Broken Limbs

  • Controlling Growth

Cabling & Bracing.

Giving Old Growth Trees Countless Years To Go.

Cabling and bracing is a preventative measure that can be used to help support weak branch unions or junctions that are prone to failure. We use the most up to date technique standards, utilizing extra high strength aircraft cabling.

  • Old Growth Support

  • Large Limb Safety

  • Aircraft Strength Cables

  • Controlling Eventual Splits

  • Lasting Care

Stump Removal.

Turning Stumps & Roots Back to Grass.

As a follow up service to any tree removal project, taking the stump down is always possible. Many clients opt to remove a stump entirely and reestablish the area as lawn space. 

  • Stump Grinding

  • Removal and Haul Away

  • Back Filling

  • Grading

  • Grass Re-seeding

Planting & Tree Transplanting.

Moving Roots By Design.

Our team knows the importance of matching the plant with its ideal environment on your property. It is critical that the initial planting is done correctly to provide the best chance of success for the tree or shrub.

Transplants are a great option for clients when they wish to see their tree or plant in a new location. Additionally, transplanting provides the opportunity for a tree to be moved to an environment where it will thrive. While there are some limitations to this process, it is something we are always open to discuss with clients in order to save and enhance their trees.

  • Tree Replanting

  • Shrub Replanting

  • Brush Clearing

  • Tree Repurposing

  • Hedge Rows

Tick Control.

Safely and Effectively Control Ticks

Ticks and the landscape are a well known fact of life for homeowners living here in Connecticut. The climate allows for very fertile habitats for these pesky insects. Considering most tick activity starts in the spring, we recommend applying tick control measures every 6 weeks, starting in April. Subsequent visits are ideal because they also look to suppress ticks at the larval, nymph and near adult growth stages.

Our treatments work well with all tick species found in Connecticut, including the Deer Tick, also known as the Black Legged Tick which is infamous for causing Lyme’s Disease. Additionally, we treat for The American Dog Tick and the Lone Star Tick which are more commonly found near the coastline of Connecticut.

  • Pet Safe Options

  • Kid Safe Options

  • Seasonal Treatments

  • Tick Reduction

Insect and Disease Control.

Don’t Remove a Planting, Treat it!

All property owners know how difficult of a challenge Mother Nature can be. Insects, disease and other environmental conditions are naturally existing circumstances that can be troublesome to your landscape. When it comes to disease management, prevention is the most important step in maintaining the health and aesthetic of your trees and shrubs. We are licensed and trained to diagnose your pre-existing plant conditions as well as make the proper prophylactic decisions to reduce spread and provide treatment. Insects may be small but have been responsible for wiping out entire species of plants and trees. We educate our clients on the options available to prevent these insects from invading their landscape as well as aggressively treating those who have already established themselves.

  • Spotted Leaves

  • Insect damage

  • Fungus Growth

  • Caterpillar Nests

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